Dancing with words

From dancing in the muddy fields

to soaking in the sun o’er the hills

From riding the back of cattle

to sitting in planes once in a while

From roaming the wild grassland

to tiptoeing into university corridors

From the vibrant university corridor

to occupying office spaces

From the niche of office spaces

to staying at home with the kids

From being sidelined at home

to busy hospital corridors

From gloomy hospital corridors

to scaling the wall of HOPE

From scaling hope to PRAISING…



Last week, as I waited for the doctor to arrived I wrote this very brief story of mine in the busy and crowded waiting area.

As some of you might have known I have shifted my site to a self-hosted plarform. But now here I am unable to hire nor able to look up the cause of the site not loading. I seek help but still not yet sorted out as my weak body taking up on me. www.abidings.com is the domain should anyone wants to visit.

If and only if someone could help in any way possible, I’d be really grateful!

Dancing with words:

It’s been FOUR years since I started blogging right after my brain surgery. I thank the WordPress Team for congratulating me, calling it an ACHIEVEMENT on 17 March 2021.

Truly speaking, I’m dancing with words thst came to mind trying to help myself and others who are in the same situation as mine. Along the journey I have also met good people who help and really encourage my writing.

Today, I have published two books which were available on Amazon’s store both namely: Unconsumed: In His Abiding Grace and Walking Outside the Garden.


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