There you go again

The place bears scars of the past

The wind blown’ soft, telling stories

Familiar faces seen with gaiety

The heart skips a beat as we met

We were once more than friends

Wish we stayed just as friends

Yet it’s a wish too late.


Too many to say yet too little we say

We parted ways as we did before

There you go again amidst them

The blowing wind refreshes the mind

The road we take may cross ways

Never nearing our cherished pasts

Yet contented with our own path.


We’ll meet on moonlit nights we say

We’d walked under the moon

Counting the stars with laughter

Bliss of air seized the moment

The moment that will soon vanish

It’s a time that goes with the wind

Gone for the best it is, admits me.


I hope you still feel small

Standing under the moon

Watching your shadow in the breeze

I hope you still retaining

Your confidence in your world

I hope you still wear your warm smile

In the midst of life as we faced

Wish you well in life, forever.


P.S. This is a little bit of unusual post from me. Yet it’s about life!

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Only You

It’s only you

Who knows the core of me

Only you

Who walked me in my path

Hiding my delicate mind in you.

It’s only you

My refuge and my last resort

Only you

Compassionate towards me

 Whose love endures forever

It’s only you

You who saw all my want

Only you

Pouring your blessings

Beyond what I can ask for

It’s only you

In my place, you can suffer

Only you

Where my soul’s safe

Through eternity it would be

It’s only you

My only ray of hope

Only you

My Savior and my Lord

No sons of soil can save me.

It’s only you

Who holds my life safely

Only you

Clearing the storms when needed

Through you, I’ll cross the river

It’s only you

Who knows the beginning

Only you

It’s the end of time be

Everything is in your hand

It’s only you

My treasure for life

Only you

My source of joy and pride

There’s none in this world.

It’s only you

Where I can lay my trust

Only you

Of your stature and might!

Trustworthy for mankind.

It’s only you

Worthy of all  my praise

Only you

Of whom love has begun

To tell it to the ends of the world.

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