Lilies of the valley

On a misty morning in the wild

Alone in the wind blowing mild

I stand amid lilies of the valley

The sweet scent of them I enjoy

The lilies are among the thorns

I was born like a lily in the thorn

They had survived the winter cold

In the warmth of love, they’re hold

The lilies of the valley had a lover

How beautiful is the love I wonder

Running after the wild herd I fainted

With banners of love, I’m surrounded

My insecure heart has found love

All things look beautiful in love

The eyes of my love watch me

The doves singing come with me

My love is like the lily that shines

The only one that I can call mine

The sight of the lily gives me rest

Although every day is not its best

Across the small hills and the valleys

Lay me down amid the blooming lilies

On a bed of lilies in the scenic valley

In the sweet taste of time by and by

Gentle eyes of the dove that I see

Calmed the inner melancholy of me

The lovely face of you I see all around

Whispering fragrances of love abound

I deeply love the presence of my love

Resting and growing bounded in love

In the vineyard of love, we will bloom

Like the lilies of the valley’s full charm


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