Going Slow

The last week of December last year, 2018, witnessed my Asus Laptop of five years going slow, which further slumped to hibernate untill now.

In the process, my files haven’t been untouched by me for some time now. It makes me worried about the future of my blog, especially my self-hosted site Abidings

I am not able to access my main site except for this WordPress.com App.

In the interim, it serves us good as my children are still observing winter off days from school, that, we spend all our time together.

Once they resume schooling, there are word of God I would like to share should my laptop gets restored. If not…….hard to say!

Oh, one thing, due to my hectic schedule during and after Christmas, the painful aura related to my epileptic disorder occurred once on New Year day, just after Church Service.

Well, only sometimes, I envy energetic, confident, enthusiastic, and ambitious people around me!

Let’s hope everything turns out well, and we’ll get to spread more of the goodness of God.

Time flies, not bothering us much, yet I afraid I won’t serve my purpose or purposes of life for Him and His glory.

I’ll keep reading your posts, if it interests me, through WordPress Android App.

Stay Blessed!

PS. Wish I could post this on my main site!

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