Uncertain Future

My little child is sitting in the corner. He is there, sometimes, scribbling notes on my smartphone. Please read it again to understand.

If it’s low on clarity it is because we speak more than one language almost on a daily basis. We speak Paite at home, Hindi with local friends, and a mixture of Hindi and English languages in workplaces, marker, and school.

We are into more than two weeks of lock down imposed by the government. Let me add here that we’re undoubtedly bored by the way.

Here is a note, which scribbled while he was alone in another room. I’m sorry for the not so relatively good writing. Yet I do believe the clarity is clear.

If you have time to go deep into heart of child in this anxious time, you see the consequences of what’s happening around us.

For now, it’s Coronavirus or COVID19 in all the news and media platforms. In the meantime, if you’re somewhere alone – stranded due to work, busy is God’s mission, please remember that we’re praying for you.

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