Privileged Living

Life is short, fragile, and mortal; yet it is a privilege bestowed upon us to live a life, just once. Some people enjoyed better living condition or status, making them appeared more privileged, while some people seems deterred by privilege. And it is true, privilege sans some people should they think so.

Privilege, by definition, is a special right and advantage, which was granted or available to a particular person or group. The privilege of a Christian is exemption from the impending punishment due to our sin and having special rights to called God as our Father. (Galatians 4:6)

Ten decades ago, the Gospel of Christ shed light to our community. We have become subject to the Authority of God through His son, Jesus Christ. The deceiving and alluring power of Satan may knock down few people but certain number of people enjoyed living the privileged life under the authority of God. (Ephesians 1:21)

Now, do you really felt privilege, living under the authority of God, the authority of Jesus is far above all rule and authority and power and dominion? Is maintaining abiding relationship with Jesus simply tiresome when you can perform part of the sacrifice by yourself? Let’s leave it here for us to think and answer.

Number of times I have come across some people who do not find the need for one man to sacrifice for all mankind when they can offer burnt offerings and sacrifices on their own. The sacrifice of the Son of God for atonement of our sins is abiding, should we put our faith and believe in His act of love, displayed on the Cross. For some, it is hard to trust one entity to work on them for nearing perfection.

But as for the believers, due to the great love the Father has lavished on us, I am one among the children of God. And that is what we are, our privilege! For the world who did not want to know Him, His act of love is in vain and foolishness. (1 John 3, 1 Cor. 1:25) It is not the question of affordability for sacrifices but the love which is shown. It is more about trusting on the Covenant, God made with mankind through His son, for this life and beyond.

Privileged holding
Holding my life together

Further, I agree that there are rituals we can perform on our own. However, it is beyond that. I don’t know why you become follower of Christ but it is a privilege living, riding on the sacrifice of Christ which liberated us.
We can love Him because He first loved us! I am privileged because Jesus loved me. Not only did He love; He saved me. Not only did He save; He cares for me! It is #JesusPrevilegedMe.

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7 thoughts on “Privileged Living

  1. Amen! Jesus said He came to give us abundant life and He has done that. It has been a great privilege to love and serve God. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. As a Buddhist, I enjoyed reading from a very different perspective. If only more were tolerant towards others’ beliefs. Personally I believe God is inside each and every one of us, but hey, that’s just me! Also, “I agree that there are rituals we can perform on our own” is very true, such as meditation and/or mantras.

    Mainly though, I 100% agree that the gift of consciousness is an incredible thing that should be appreciated. Personally, I have temporal lobe epilepsy and bipolar 1 disorder, and while this has sometimes made life incredibly frustrating, miserable and almost unbearable, I believe that these downs make the positives of life more vivid and clear. For me, and for any person I feel.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this as reading something from a believer like yourself offers a refreshing perspective when compared to my own beliefs.

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    1. Dear Jordan, First, thank you for reading. And if it hurt someone’s belief I’m sorry. I called myself privileged not because I suffer but because I have Jesus Christ to walk with me whether in my suffering or not.

      He gives me rest and peace of mind, when I’m weary. His mercy and compassion renewed every morning.
      I know that I’ll not simply perish because He (the love of God) found me. I can love God because He first loved me.

      His love is unconditional and I can spend time with Him anytime, anywhere. I’m His man now because He saved me on the Cross; beyond what I can performed.

      When suffering is unbearable, I’d whisper ‘Lord, you saw me. So, I’m happy.’
      I’m safe in His arms! The gift of consciousness without God can be misleading, so we needed God to shed a light on our path.

      And about our illness, I believe, God must have a purpose in it. It’s a matter of time we discover it. His deliverance is assured!

      Have a nice day and wonderful years ahead!

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  3. Dear Brother Thuam, I love your words. I smell the fragrance of Christ in them. There is nothing ‘epileptic’ in your letter. You are blessed! Love from Africa! Your sister, Lia Leigh!

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