In Your Wings

Cover me in your feathers,

Fly me; above the storms of life.

In your secret place, rest me.

Let’s commune with thee.

Under the shadow of your wings,

I will abide in you.


Lead me to the Rock;

Higher than I ever could be.

Open my wings; let’s flap as an entity.

Shelter my weary body,

Until it gets restored.

I run unto you; keep me safe.

I only need you now.


You, who have wings,

When in need, you fly me!

Hide me from threatening plague

I’ll perish no more;

I’m glad you found me, Most High.

You are my refuge.


5 thoughts on “In Your Wings

  1. That is really great writing brother! Blessings to you and your family!
    I’m running a free book promo right now on Amazon for my book “One Man’s Very Strange Supernatural Life.” You can download the eBook for free until 8-20-18. Details on my blog too. I pray it is an encouragement to you!

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