Reading Your Posts

Today, and as usual, I hopped onto WordPress Reader; no, not Discover, and I spent some time reading before my eyes gets strained.

By the way, my eyes get strained or blur very easily due to some obvious reasons.

It might seem unusual but I wanted to thank you for writing inspiring posts.

Inundated, sometimes, by the pain, nerve pulling, twitching eyes, and the likes, it’s real pleasure to read your post each day.

Of course, after reading chapters and verses from the Bible.

So, love you guys!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Lean on Him

Lean on Him,
As you make your plans.
Lean on Him,
When your plans doesn’t work.
Lean on Him,
As He’s fulfilling your plans.
Lean on Him,
As you’re in deep waters.
Lean on Him,
When you’re lost, blank-minded.
Lean on Him,
When the light got dim at the end of the tunnel.
Lean on Him,
Lest you might missed His eternal plan.

PS. A Rejoinder to my previous post Whose Plan is it anyway.

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