Compassion and Hope: Renewed Every Morning

The same year I’d graduated from University I had seizure. To meet my immediate financial needs I’d started joining a private firm.

It was here, at my workplace, I’d suffered this unusual attack, which plagued my living since then. I was seized and my life-boat capsized. However, I just believe it was some jerking in my brain, which would soon vanish.

My preparations and night-long practices for my dream job had been hit hard. In some major competitive exams for jobs, I’d simply slept away. Yet by God’s grace I secured a job in the banking sector, which I quit later.

In between work, I’ve been juggling and roaming through corridors of several hospitals in the hope of leading smoother life but it wasn’t meant to be, may be, for the time being. Until several years ago, I’d started visiting the Intractable Clinics. I’d witnessed the moaning and giggling, in dereliction, of patients encroaching the corridors of hospital.

Everything happens for a reason; reasons unknown or known, that I believe because I’d experience the other side of life too. Some of those very embarrassing moments are better left behind and forgotten. During the course of time, I was not consumed by my captivator, here seizure or epilepsy, it is because God’s compassion failed not.

My family blueprint, which I’d developed through the years, could not be fully put into practice. The blueprint contained determined sources of income, administration, expressing love, tolerating each other, and holistic way of raising children, and the likes.

Through the struggles, life goes on. I went on to live a normal life, although illness persist, and get blessed in different ways. Sometimes, I termed it as an ‘illness that comes too soon’ mostly because I cannot see in God’s view at this time.

There are times, in between, when it is difficult to find meaning in life. Yet I was not consumed by the work of evil inside my mind because the Compassion of Christ gets renewed every morning.

Although I don’t want to admit it; enduring the pain and physical frailties throughout, was not easy. In the meantime, there are obligations and responsibilities, which can’t ever be ignored.

Compassion and hope among men
Compassion in the midst of suffering

His Compassions Fail Not
I do believe that we all have verses in the Holy Bible, which renewed our hope in the face of adversity. When in financial deepwater and health related issues, I was reminded of several verses. One among them is this:

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. (Read lamentations 3:21-25) These verses has always comforted me and given me hope in times of adversities.

The Prophet Jeremiah had lamented during Jerusalem’s captivity. Chapter 3 of the poem mostly dealt with his personal lamentation on the issue of suffering and God. The compassion of God brings hope to those who seek Him.

When in captives the people of Israelites lived a troubled life. Jeremiah the prophet had witnessed the unfathomable misery of God’s people. The recent prosperity of Jerusalem has made their suffering all the more bitter. It is here in these verses a light of hope was shed again.

They are seized, held as captives by their enemies yet they are not consumed. The Lord was compassionate towards them. Again, let me reiterate here again that in their sufferings they are not consumed.

The Lord their God doesn’t allowed them to be fully consumed. Beyond their ability they get protected. In the hope of returning one day, they still lived on. Through His prophet he showed His compassion towards them in their sufferings.

My Renewed Hope Every Morning
After several years of suffering, I’d undergo Brain Surgery two years ago. The aftermath has been filled with pain.

I’d develop migraines, which makes me, very much, sensitive to my surroundings and the pain was sometime unable to bear. Being devoid of enjoyment in life is a huge challenge.

When I was rushed back to the hospital, it was not easy to endure the pain and shadowy images in my eyes. The day seems to be too long when you are suffering.

I waited for the night to come. I wanted to sleep. It is my hope that the morning would bring me something. Every morning my hope gets renewed.

In the midst of my physical frailties, it was good to have that feeling of hope. I still cherished that moment: when I am able to see the morning light. I’d prayed with huge hope of getting home soon.

All my wearies of yesterday are no more. The night has consumed my pain in the dark. A new morning has broken; a new hope has filled my heart.

The love, mercies, grace, and compassion of the Lord were renewed every morning. It was a glad moment to rediscover I am still alive to see a new day. It is all because of the faithfulness of the Lord.

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!” The Lord is good to those who wait for Him; to the soul who seek Him.”

In the face adversities, be it financial, health, relationships, His compassions fail not. The Lord gave me hope to carry on in this world.

That hope, at some extent, made living with epilepsy easier. Hope becomes one of the most important pillars of my life.

Living in captivity: a life seized, was not easy. Yet I have this hope that deliverance is assured; and surely on the way.

It was more of a reminder to trust and put my faith in Him, so I weary not. It was a learning phase although it’s difficult. The fruit would be sweet, one day, when the time comes.

It is my hope that He would provide, fulfill, and gave us hope in times to come. We will not be consumed in the process because His (God) compassion fails not! They are renewed every morning.


27 thoughts on “Compassion and Hope: Renewed Every Morning

  1. Such a beautiful blog – filled with hope and inspiration. I love this statement: The fruit would be sweet, one day, when the time comes. Amen to that God is faithful. So glad you are recovering. Thank you for the follow; I will follow you also. 😀


      1. “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”
        ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭12:11‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬

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  2. I’m glad you found something that brings you peace but I want to bring up a contradiction you mention because it is either one way or the other way, but not both. You wrote “everything happens for a reason” Everything. That means everything, not some things. That is the law of cause and effect. You can’t override that. You can’t stop an effect from happening. You can only attempt to control your reaction to it, and through that – develop wisdom. That reaction is another cause that has an effect. Remember, everything happens for a reason.

    If you jump off a building absolutely nothing can stop you from smacking something hard. No amount of screaming for help will save you. But let’s back up and examine the reasons that person ended up on the top of a building set to jump. Many causes in that life transpired for that person to want to end his life. Or maybe he was pushed. I’m playing “devil’s advocate” because if you have had benefits in your life it is the result of “you reap what you sow”

    That phrase is mentioned in some fashion 13 times in the bible. Not once does it say, you reap what you sow sometimes. I’ve talked to Christians who think if they ask forgiveness for their sin it wipes out the effect. Not so. That is what man interprets. And that were possible, Christians would have problems because God would fix them for you and take the effect . You can’t manipulate the effects of your causes. It doesn’t work sometimes. It works all the time. It can not pick and choose. So you can’t mix it with a philosophy that an unseem supposedly intelligent being can choose to bestow benefits you at his discretion because that would be an effect without cause. We don’t always have the wisdom to understand the cause that was made, so the effect – the benefit – seems to come from out the blue, but it doesn’t mean it was bestowed on you magically from a creator, even if it seems to.

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  3. Hello, Thuam. I came over to thank you for following my blog, and I read some of your posts. I understand from what you say here that you have been going through some very serious physical difficulties. I agree with you that the Lord and His mercy and healing are your answer. I’d like to let you know about another website that I have — through my ministry for the Lord. It is a website devoted entirely to helping people receive healing from the Lord. I’ve been in ministry for over 40 years and minister on healing all the time. I’ve experienced many healings personally – some instantly, but most of them gradually. I also know many others who have been healed by the Lord as well — from all kinds of serious problems. I’m giving you the link to the healing website so you can visit it if you want to. I think it will encourage and strengthen your faith a lot.

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  4. Thuam, thank you for choosing to follow my blog Bobbing Around, and thank you for the inspirational way you have reacted to adversity.
    We can choose to respond to misfortune by growing spiritually.
    With metta,

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  5. First, I thank you for choosing to be a “stay-at-home” dad! Grace and peace be with you , Love of God that doesn’t quit as you work with your little ones! Second, I’ve been watching Sid Roth’s ISN (It’s Supernatural!) network. It’s very encouraging to hear his guests and teachers talking about healings and insights the Spirit has given them for loosing things from our body, soul and mind. I am believing for divine health and had some miraculous healings so far, holding on in faith for more! Thanks for joining my blog Brother Thuam Siam!

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