Abiding Grace: The Joy of having Visitors

Few weeks ago, our relatives visited us.  In the city where we now lived, we have few relatives.  When they can spare time to visit us we were really happy and excited.

The children are busy playing their games together.  It was a good feeling for them to get to know each other.  For the parents, it was a good time share life as we faced it, which could provide us valuable lessons to take care for the future.

We are happy because we have someone who loves spending time with us.  The conversations could be endless as we jumped from one topic to another.  Moreover, when we have the chance to meet old friends and old neighbors, we have so many things to let out.

Visitors busy in conversation
Visitors in the Living Room

Time for Visitation:

Time for visitations cannot be bought. We cannot coerce someone to visit us either.  It is a priceless experience.  To the visitors during my hospital stay, I am more than grateful.  Yet due to my health conditions, I am unable to talk to them that time.

In our hard times, God had sent his people, in His abiding grace, to help us in prayers even inside the hospital.  When in grief, the presence of visitors and relatives make the suffering a bit easier.  Theeface of God, for comfort, can be seen in the face of our visitors and the warmth can be felt too.

Further, let me broadly classify visitors into two: the uninvited visitors and the invited visitors.

The Uninvited Visitors:

The other name for uninvited visitors could be ‘the crashers’ in weddings and personal events. First, let’s talk about the ‘Gate crashers’.  A  Gate Crasher is a person who attends some event or social affair without being invited or without having proper credentials to get in.  Some do it to gain popularity while some gate crashed to disrupt the atmosphere of an event or party.

Second, Wedding Crashers must be the one who are mostly unwelcome.  Wedding crashers can be chaotic and unpredictable.  If you have already watched the Hollywood movie ‘Wedding Crashers’ and its sequel, you already knew it.

Third, having visitors like the ‘Dupree’ of the Hollywood movie ‘You, me and Dupree’ can be annoying at times.  However, it can be useful in some way or the other.  Our toleration level might get boosted.

Above all, visitors unannounced can create nuisance although the intention and purpose might be good.   And unwanted situation could be saved by letting our visits known before hand.

The Invited Visitors:

“My Lord, if I have found favor in Your sight, do not pass on by Your servant,” Abraham pleaded the three men standing by the terebinth tree of Mamre.  They obliged and, in short, he fed them.  The three men promised to return in time.  They were on their way to Sodom and Gomorrah.

They told Abraham, that, “Sarah your wife shall have a son.”  After which, the three men rose from there, and looked towards Sodom.  (Genesis 18) Thus, the due promise of Abraham becoming a mighty nation came true.  Since he had invited the three visitors in his tent, he was blessed.  To be noted here; Abraham invited them.

Two, two men were walking on the Road to Emmaus.  They were lonely and sad; they believed that the Messiah would redeem Israel here on earth.  But Jesus Christ was crucified before their very eyes.  Then, a stranger joined them.

They invited Him saying, “Abide with us, for it is toward evening, the day is far spent.”  And He went in to stay with them.  He sat with them at the table.  He blessed and broke the bread before their very eyes.  And behold, it was their master, Jesus Christ who had been resurrected from the death. (Luke 24:13-31)

Now, consider this: should we let ourselves to be left annoyed by the uninvited visitors or invited a visitor before it is late?

In this lonely world, should we invite Jesus Christ; He is ready to abide with us.  He would warmth our heart, filled our emptiness and makes us whole again.

Christ has unlimited time for visitations yet we have to take decision and invite Him.  Since our eyes are opened – knowing good and evil – after what had happened in the Garden of Eden.  In other words, since the time we have been deceived.

On our part, it is our duty to invite Him; to not pass on by and feed us from His own hand.  Thereafter, He would get us filled and work in us, according to our needs.

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