The smell of Living: Save the world

The air is light and gloomy.  Nature is blooming in that corner of the world.  The place is untouched by modern marvels and machinery.  In this fast-moving world, it is a privilege to be in that condition.


Quiet place in the hills
Serene Beauty

This place smells of ‘living’ in the serene and beautiful landscape, away from encroachment.  The earth, in its true beauty, was designed by the Creator.  No wisdom on earth could match the creativity of the place being inhabited.

Brainy crooks calculated what they could reach in their limited mind.  They set up, put their thought to action, and they destroys the nature, with their sharp mind.  We called them inventions, and celebrated them.

Some years had spiraled off before their very eyes.  Their inventions had turned into destroyer for the naturally balanced environment.  The inventions did improve our living conditions.  Our lifestyle becomes cozy and expensive at the same time.

Dirty smoke clouds the atmosphere, which imparts many form of disorder in our body metabolism.  The honeymooners are few, and they are almost gone.  We, the younger lots, have to work hard to safeguard our environment.

Artificial equipments are here stay, to help and destroy us.  They will not be gone too soon.  Our air is degrading.   Our water and air needs purification.  Who has done this, my friend?

Let us live responsibly.  The corrupt and selfish minds will destroy our habitat.  Let go off the hatred and let us serve together.   Let us heal the world.   We are citizen of the Earth!

Celebrate nature with love and care.  Be happy!  Don’t let your happiness and celebrations hurt your surroundings.

At your level, do whatever you can.  Wait for none.  Be the first to preserve our environment.  Show love and respect to the Creator.

The smell of living will soon fade.  Let us save the world.  Let us work for generations to come.  Your small act of love and kindness counts.

But still, before you know, the time will come when you could no longer participate.  You’ll be gone.  Reduced to ashes!  The end is inevitable!

And above all,

Be prepared to meet your Creator and Savior!  It will serve you good.


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