Abiding Grace: The Joy of Breathing

I feel obligated to talk about the abiding grace showered upon me.

Synonyms of abiding are: enduring, persisting, long-lasting, lifelong, unending, constant, stable, unchanging, and many more.  While grace in its verb form is also used as dignify, bestow honor, favor, enhance, and the likes.

Here in this series I wanted to emphasize ‘His abiding grace’.  God’s grace and favor is enduring as well as unending.  We are bestowed with many good things, some are considered small, and taken for granted.

air breathing
The Joy of Breathing

The Joy of Breathing has been revealed in my journey of life.  Breath-holding games – who can hold longer by diving in water or in open air, are popular in my childhood.  However, we did not think so much about breathing because it seems so normal.

Read this:

I was unconscious.  I can’t feel the oxygen mask being attached to my nose.  It was supposed to increase my oxygen intake, in case I didn’t get enough.

Frankly speaking, the doctors know my condition is critical and they are doing whatever they could!

Taking you back few hours; it was a fine winter morning.  We were strolling and getting fresh air in the park nearby.  Getting home, I decided to take rest.  I could sense something is wrong in my body.  Something unusual is taking place.

I wanted to take as much air as I can, and I know, I need more air.  However, the more I tried to breathe-in the more difficult it was.  Air did not want to enter through my nostril nor my mouth!  It was more than tiresome.  The feeling was hard to put in words.

In short, I remained unconscious in few minutes.  Several hours of battling for life ensued.  However, in the end, my God spared, what I called, my life.  I’m alive!

In the past, I couldn’t recall myself thanking God for the air I’d breathed in.  The oxygen, the entire volume of oxygen, intake for my living was free of cost!  I must be thankful!  I was filled with great joy, indeed.

I did not ask for these things: to provide fresh air, to regulate my breathing process, in particular.  Now, I realized I was getting beyond what I could ask for.

It gives me immense pleasure and joy, to breathe take in air freely.  When in need, it was costly to buy oxygen.  We must be joyful for what we get!

In today’s world, we feel blessed and happy only when we acquired big things that are expensive.  We value based on the cost of them.

Very small things, it seems, but think of them and be happy.  Breathe in as much air as you can or while you can.


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