Hate Sells! What is your take?

“Hate sells!” an auctioneer assured his buyer.  The buyer looks discouraged thinking he was paying more than what he wanted.  I am watching a program on television.

The auctioned items were recovered from one of the Concentration Camps during the Nazi ruled Germany.  Also, there are certain number of happenings in history and present world.  Here I wanted to avoid mentioning names and places of such crimes.

The television program followed the buyer selling the collected items.  The buyer was more than happy when he could resell the items much higher than the amount he’d expected.  “Hate sells!” he smiled skeptically.

History can tell us the hate-crimes of several rulers and protagonist brought to the world.  Many incidents are beyond the thought of normal human.   They are the evil bearer of the world.

When ‘the evil inside us’ takes hold of any situation, humans carried out unwanted activities, which never would have occurred to a sane person.

Hate-crimes have been one of the most common man-made disasters caused to the human race.  Uncountable evidences and occurrence are available in almost every countries of the world.

Most of the time, the performer of such deeds might not even knew the reason behind his deeds.  The person was blinded by hate, which was inculcated in his mind by his superior.   When the evil within us took over the mind, there is no limit to what he can do.

‘Hate’ seems like a magic word for sudden rise in the political arena.  ‘Hate-based’ motivations when lopsided can yield good political gains.

When an under-performing actor, be it state or non-state actor, delivered ‘hate speech’, the numbers of their followers rose instantly.  Their TRP ratings gained unanimously.  But it would be wise to not indulge is this practice.  These are short-term successes.

All religions in this planet are supposed to unite and bring good atmosphere to humankind, but it doesn’t happen that way, as always.  When religions are being framed or used as individual interest, it caused catastrophic disaster.

Some national interest also resulted in hate-filled atmosphere among the citizens.  There seems to be a series of never-ending spell of hatred that is bound to happen.

Hate, like it or not, might be the original and most important catalyst for our future man-made disaster.  In the long run, it will cause the races on our planet earth to be doomed.

However, like a small river that existed in the desert, there is hope and/or escape route.  It is to commune with God and put faith in Him.  The Savior is waiting for individuals who keep their heart aloft amongst those herds of evil.

You know more than me: our social networking sites easily brought together like-minded people.  So, should you feel evil spread faster, goodness also gets enlarged as much as the other.   Let us not lose hope and heal the world.

You can be an agent of love and unity rather than of hate.  Let us spread love and unity as we can!

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