Into the woods, long-lost dreams

There they go into the woods.  Treading down the muddy path, trailing behind a herd of their domestic buffaloes. Dressed in shabby clothes, which are either very loose or too small for them.  Anyway it suited their surroundings, it seems.

They would slipped often, or the grass cuts them, almost in every exposed parts on their body.  They have no time to care for their wound.  They said to each other, “Time will heal.”  And, that’s what they can afford the most.

They would often recall their friends enjoying their new series of video games.  In the woods, under the rain, what can they do?  While the buffaloes are enjoying the downpour, there’s nothing to enjoy for them.  They waited patiently for the rain to go while they shivered uncontrollably.  Their body becomes pale due to excessive rain.

“Oh! where are our buffaloes?” shouted the elder brother.  For they wouldn’t dare to go home without them.  The animals are their liability as of now. They are the 20th Century village boys living in the hills, nearby the Khuga river.

The rain had stopped, at last.  However, it was too slippery to roam around in the wild.  They sat in the grass waiting for their shabby clothes to get dry.  They shared their dreams for the future, it is about ime when they could earn their own living.  Sometimes their words seems to get lost in the woods itself.  However, they are contented as they  have hopes.

“We shouldn’t be here for long.  Let’s get going,  when the time comes, we will be able to change our living conditions,” they said hopefully.  Now that they found their buffalo herds, and it’s time go home.

With time flying by, the elder brother always work hard.  But……he’s gone too soon.  They are not able to work on their dream project together.  It seems like a long-lost dreams now.

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