Mannequins: Flaunting their best for shoppers’ delight

Once in a while, our family went for shopping.  In the shopping area, mannequins are a common sight.  Children love them or they are afraid of them.  They meant, at the least, something to the shoppers of different age.

Mannequin inside a store

Mannequins are lifeless.  They have no thoughts.  But they dress according to the season. They tell the shopkeepers and shoppers the arrival of a new season.  They did not feel tired.  They cannot be compared with us, the livings.

They are designed to impress shoppers by silently showcasing new designs.  They are made to attract shoppers.  You knew that already, by the way.

In big cities, they are common sights in the streets and shopping area.  You may not believe this but for some people, it is a rare sight.  There are people who hardly had enough savings for shopping.  They could not afford to get inside that cozy showroom.

As a decorative item, mannequins play an important in interior designing.  They also become the promoter of their trademarked styling and decorating agent.  It might be noted here that we’re more than them.

Some mannequins are neatly fitted and dressed.  They lived in the comfort of air-conditioned atmosphere, which every human could not afford.  People are employed to dress them and look after them.

I remember seeing a homeless person gawking at the mannequins with a long-pause.  I couldn’t digest what he was thinking but it took my attention.  He didn’t look quite happy though.  He nodded his head and headed towards his begging spot – his begging spot in the sun, without a roof.

Some lonely shopkeepers held them as their good friends as they did not gossip behind their back.  Everyone needed someone to share their pain but not spread their misery.  Since every person are not good secret keeper, people tend to be careful.

Few people are like the mannequins; they simply show off!  Although they have a functioning brain, they didn’t think much.   For instance, they lived a very hard life; tired and exhausted, unlike the mannequins as the mannequins are brainless.

Mannequins are designed for a purpose.  Much more than them, we, humans, are designed by God with a purpose with a functioning brain.  Specially, for believers, we are supposed to attract others in the likeness of Christ Jesus show-casing characters of a saved person, to be a light to the world.

Generally speaking, excess of the inside comes outside.  We always wanted to showcase good thing but that is difficult, I also knew it.  Before I could know, there was something wrong in me.  Each day, I needed to be cleaned and renewed.

Mannequins could NOT act beyond just showing off.  But we can do something more if someone is attracted by what they saw in us.  We can also lead them in ‘the way’, should they wanted, we already had.  We can give them or show them the ‘way’.

We are ambassadors of our faith.  In heaven, we will be rewarded.

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