Abiding Grace: Finding Joy in the Slow Pace of Life

It rained the previous night.  The soil is still wet.

After getting our boy readying up for school, I walked him to catch his school bus.  There we waited for the school bus to arrive.

A snail, we noticed, was crawling at its normal pace nearby us.  My son wanted to help the snail reached the shade of another tree, to which the slow crawler seems to be heading.

Snail crawling in wet soil
A Snail; in its slow pace of life

He insisted on helping.  But I let him understand, the possible harm we might caused to the creature, by touching it.  The mollusk soft body might get tweaked.  It might die as well.  So we wait and watch, letting the snail enjoyed his outing till it rested.

Sometimes, our journey of life gets slowed than the normal pace.  The cause varied from person to person.  Yet all the situations are either beneficial or tormentingly boring.  Nothing exciting seems to be happening.  Yet, in every pace of life, His abiding grace abided with us.

My illness; the subsequent surgeries and the recovery process, instantly slowed my pace of life too.  There are few things to get taken care of.  For some period, there are certain activities I should abstain from, if possible, including playing with my children as well driving.

In a world moving at a very fast pace, several things are being missed.  It makes one realized more of the gift of life.  It gives a good time for communion with my God.  We can be misunderstood, sometimes, and that is natural.  Although there are depressing times, blessed times are in abundant.

When we are unable to perform few daily activities, it gives a sense of displeasure.  Yet it is a good time to catch up, what has been missed, in our hurried life.  In our hurried life, we don’t have time to spend with our family, time to meditate on God’s word, time to count our blessings,  time to recall the goodness of people around us,  time to appreciate the work of our spouse, time to give thanks to God stemming out from the heart, and many more.

This kind of slower pace of life cannot be bought.  Yet it isn’t easy, and we simply couldn’t, escape on our own.  The snail cannot turn into a racer in real life.  Only in its animated characters did it turn a racer – Turbo movie.  Since my son saw it racing, he was wondering about this particular snail.  In his age, we might wonder it too.

For the snail, it is his life.  There is life even in that pace.  All paces of life are given by our God and He knows the uses.  Yet, many times, it is difficult and boring if we missed the joyous part.  For some, it might not get faster in our lifetime.  And for some, it might just be a phase.

Being immobile, to the extent we don’t wanted to, in the very much mobile world could be depressing.  The Devil might try to create space in our mind.  Some of us longed to see the outside world; to breathe untreated fresh air.  It isn’t easy to get confined even in a comfortable place.  Confining, in a hospital room and the tiny cells of prison, breaks the heart without realizing God’s abiding grace.

None will be left alone, or as an orphan.  God will give us a Helper. He will abide with us. (John 14:16)  His grace is abiding till the end of time.  In our darkest time only He can stay with us.  A ray of hope, for the hopeless, in the fading world.

Live through the slow pace of life.  There is, and there could be joy, in every pace of life by emptying ourselves to be filled in His abiding grace.


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