Solitude’s Bloodroots


Poetry becomes my wisdom
Subduing the melancholy
I bleed like a warrior
Make touch red to blue.

I catch a Freesia breeze
Holding fragrant peacock quill
To write my soul's graffiti
A carmine inked dream....

And then I find " a face in poetry "
In the amaranthine pause of my  breath.

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When The Music Fades

When the music is fading
Whisper to me your words gently
When the music is fading
Let me hear more of you
When the music is dimming
Shine bright in my way
I’ll hold tight onto you
To never let you go
Passing your good deeds
To my child hold ‘em true

When the music fades
Tell me more of your love
When the music dims
Your face, I wanted to see
And When I grow pale
I’d be closer to you
When my mouth dried up
Put a new song in me!

The music may fade
Yet Jesus remains the same.
The music may dim
Yet his love and grace prevails

You can read in full here in my self-hosted site When the Music is Fading

Going Slow

The last week of December last year, 2018, witnessed my Asus Laptop of five years going slow, which further slumped to hibernate untill now.

In the process, my files haven’t been untouched by me for some time now. It makes me worried about the future of my blog, especially my self-hosted site Abidings

I am not able to access my main site except for this App.

In the interim, it serves us good as my children are still observing winter off days from school, that, we spend all our time together.

Once they resume schooling, there are word of God I would like to share should my laptop gets restored. If not…….hard to say!

Oh, one thing, due to my hectic schedule during and after Christmas, the painful aura related to my epileptic disorder occurred once on New Year day, just after Church Service.

Well, only sometimes, I envy energetic, confident, enthusiastic, and ambitious people around me!

Let’s hope everything turns out well, and we’ll get to spread more of the goodness of God.

Time flies, not bothering us much, yet I afraid I won’t serve my purpose or purposes of life for Him and His glory.

I’ll keep reading your posts, if it interests me, through WordPress Android App.

Stay Blessed!

PS. Wish I could post this on my main site!

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We Talk No More

You lifted my heart up

If and only if you know

How much I love you

The smile on your face;

My heart’s craving for,

Lights up my world.

On a moonlit night

If and only if we hold hands

Sitting beside me

We’d talk of love;

The plans and more

On a moonlit night

If and only if you could

Hug me with love again

The loneliness in me

Would wither in the air

In my dreams, I longed for you

Your lovely presence as before

I may not say it to your heart

Yet how I wish you knew

what you meant to me;

Can’t figure how to say,

You’ll never know me

Is it more of love,

Is it more of incompatibility?

How I felt weak so easily

Don’t ruin the night

Don’t ruin the romance

It’s for a lifetime’s vow

Yet sparks don’t fly more.

We don’t talk anymore

You’ll never know love

Coming from my heart

With too much to say

Seldom we talk close.

Thank you for loving

And taking care of me

Dependency: A Previlege

Independent yet dependent on God. I always wanted to be independent of my needs till the time I could recall.

Living under authority, authority of God and/or ruler is one thing we have to learn.

Being Self- dependent is everyone’s dream.

Being called the son of God, I am humbled and fortunate. Even if it is only for the comfort, I’ll go for it.  But it is far beyond it.  And I can’t earn by myself.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! (1 John 3:1a)

I become a son dependent, of free will, yet deeply depending in the abiding grace of my Savior and Lord -Jesus Christ!

You can read my full article here at Being Thankful: An Attitude

Reading Your Posts

Today, and as usual, I hopped onto WordPress Reader; no, not Discover, and I spent some time reading before my eyes gets strained.

By the way, my eyes get strained or blur very easily due to some obvious reasons.

It might seem unusual but I wanted to thank you for writing inspiring posts.

Inundated, sometimes, by the pain, nerve pulling, twitching eyes, and the likes, it’s real pleasure to read your post each day.

Of course, after reading chapters and verses from the Bible.

So, love you guys!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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