We Talk No More

You lifted my heart up

If and only if you know

How much I love you

The smile on your face;

My heart’s craving for,

Lights up my world.

On a moonlit night

If and only if we hold hands

Sitting beside me

We’d talk of love;

The plans and more

On a moonlit night

If and only if you could

Hug me with love again

The loneliness in me

Would wither in the air

In my dreams, I longed for you

Your lovely presence as before

I may not say it to your heart

Yet how I wish you knew

what you meant to me;

Can’t figure how to say,

You’ll never know me

Is it more of love,

Is it more of incompatibility?

How I felt weak so easily

Don’t ruin the night

Don’t ruin the romance

It’s for a lifetime’s vow

Yet sparks don’t fly more.

We don’t talk anymore

You’ll never know love

Coming from my heart

With too much to say

Seldom we talk close.

Thank you for loving

And taking care of me


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