How do You Want to be Remembered?

At some extent, we thought, the answer to this question lies in our hand.

In our walk of life, we left behind a mark somewhere somehow.  Some are co-incidental; some are very much uncalled for, while some are a result of many thoughts put into action.  Some will remember us, even in that tiniest way, we met.

Walking and engaged in personal activity
Walk of Life

We wanted to be remembered fondly.  How much fondly and in what way?  To some certain extent we can have our say.  What others perceived about you might not be the real you.  We cannot know someone in their entirety.

Being my resignation accepted, I was called for Exit Interview in the Local Head Office of my former Employer.  (You can read the reason here)  The HR Manager deeply looked into my eyes and asked few questions.  While working in our organization, did you experience any ill-treatment?  What would you tell others about our organization?

Well, that is equivalent to – how do you know about us? I told the guy that my experience was good and I did have a good time here.    It was an emotional moment since I also thought I would work here since the age of my retirement.  During my time there, I worked as if I would be there for too long.  My performance might not be good though.

In our country getting job is hard, especially like mine – permanent appointment.  Many of us expected we’d spent our life here in the Organization.  Before I could get prepared, it was time to let go.  I don’t have the chance to build how I wanted to be remembered by colleagues, it was gone.  The same occurs to many.  So, how do you wanted to be talked about?

We have been to different places meeting certain number of people wherever we go.  Be it in the workplace or short trips.  It is natural, we wanted to leave behind a legacy or mark in this world.  Yet, what kind of legacy, would fit in here.

We are blessed to brush shoulders with different type of persons in our walk of life.   Sometimes, we thought, we knew a person.  Instant judging of a person is easily hurtful and it can cause a rift.  We remember them, only by their outward appearance or nature, during our short meetings.  It’s just our perception.

For working persons; we, change departments and office, are following orders to suit our employment.   When you are gone from your current workplace, how do you think your ex-colleagues will have to say about you?

In our journey of life, like it or not, it is bound to happen and is happening everywhere.  By being a boss somewhere, we seem to be likable to all.  But what here we are talking about the day after you got transferred.

To live with this question, all the way, might be heavy and not easy.  While exercising personal liberty, it is a good practice to fulfill, at least, some obligations.  In the long run our surroundings might enjoy our presence as we try to create a legacy.

Family and real friends will still miss our presence, even though we might not perform well.  Yet, in our short span of life, we should try to be meaningful to them.  Some people become the foundation stone for their family; spiritually and physically.

We have ‘our bad-sides’ and ‘our good-sides’ of ourselves.  As much as your good-sides, your bad-sides, which hardly surfaced out, might be beneficial to others as well.  We hurting someone can work wonders for others too.  But one thing is certain; your remembrance won’t be as sweet as you’d expected.

In our walk of life, we met many good and bad persons, we assumed.  They are bad persons because they are bad for you.  They are good persons because they are good to you.  That bad person might be very good person to others and vice versa.

Even though we tried our best, we might not be remembered in a good way.  Discouraging, isn’t it?  No, not at all.  We’ll have inner satisfaction and we’ll be contented.

Fragrance, what kind of fragrance do we want to spread – fragrance of Christ or fragrance of death?  It depends on us.

In the next installment; ‘How do you want to be remembered after you are long gone?’ We’ll talk more about remembrance.


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