Counting Depreciation Values: For Appreciation

When you are buying or selling used assets, calculation of depreciation values for that particular asset is vital.  Let me put it this way, to get the best values out your used assets, depreciation needs to be calculated.

During my time in the Banking Sector, I’d witnessed some automobile companies setting up camps in the vicinity of our branches.  While they are doing their job, it is something that sounds very attractive because of the so-called ‘buy back policy’ or ‘exchange policy’ for vehicle owners.

However, certain customers, who did not have much exposure in the financial sector, are left stunned and disappointed when they are told of the roughly calculated depreciation values.  It is because the value of their used assets has been reduced before their very eyes.  They could not believe it.  So, some back off from selling and exchanging their assets while some made good money out of it.

For someone new to this term, Depreciation is an accounting method of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life.  Several important factors are taken into account while counting ‘depreciation values’.  Let’s simply lists them out, without further explanation.  They are: Initial Costs, Residual values or Scrap values, Useful life, and Rate of Depreciation.

Especially for moveable assets, depreciation rate was far higher.  Depreciation started right from that day when you proudly rolled out your car from the dealers.  In my city, the roads are not always in their best shapes, which gave you bumpy rides at times.  Further, the over populated vehicles in the city left you with some scratches and dents on the vehicles.

Here the ‘useful life’ mentioned while counting depreciation is worth considering.  At every condition of the assets, there still is something useful found in the assets.  While disposing off your used or scrap items, you get paid for that very little amount of the ‘useful life’ counted, despite the small amount it could be.

One, please do not write off people before they are lifeless.  Although they are of no used to you, they still occupy the core of some people’s heart.  We must mind our tongues while dealing with others.  Before we know, sometimes, we degrade some people more than they’d deserved.  Even in their worst condition, there must be something appreciable, if we dare to explore it.

Two, there are some people who could still nurse the little appreciation we gave them, even in their worst’s condition.  Be it mental or physical health, someone could still find ‘useful life’ in their futile life while counting their depreciation values.  Unwanted depreciation, in reality, cannot be avoided.

Natural calamities, for individuals, are unpredictable.  Let God guide you in every sphere of life.  Invite Him in your life and let Him have you.  Even beyond you can ever imagined, you will be guarded.  But if something depreciating still happened there must be a reason from God, which are left to be understood in our life or afterwards.

Tree fell on a car during a storm
Tree fell on a car

Last week, when suddenly, a thunderstorm strikes our locality an old tree fell down near our parked car.  A bit shocked, we checked our car if there was any damage caused by the falling tree.  We are relived, when we found out there is just one small scratch on the bumper.  This is the ‘appreciation’ we got while trying to count the ‘depreciation values’ while cleaning our car.  We are saved by His grace.

Lastly, this practice, of counting depreciation for appreciation, is applicable in our lives too.   Sometimes, we must reflect back at our lives and count the ‘useful life’, which are already used or still left in us.  We must also learn how to appreciate our life.


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