She is my Mother!

A thousand miles away from home, I am blessed to start a small family.  It wasn’t easy.  When things did not fall as planned, there’s someone to whom I can always poured out my heart.  Being grown up isn’t easy either.  We all need someone to cry on.  She did not interrupt me while I am pouring out my mind.  She did not utter unnecessary words, she knew what I needed.  And that she is my mother!

There was no hospital nearby.  Every delivery was attended by experienced mothers in the village.  The labor pain must be intense.  The suffering, however, was taken to be just a normal thing by men.  We did not know what they go through, mentally, physically, and psychologically.    To give birth to me, she risked her life.  She is my mother!

The use of diapers was not introduced to us at that time.  My bedwetting spree was the talk of the house in my childhood times.  Mother never scolded nor treated me bad because of that problem.   I still remember what she told me.  ‘You can do one thing,’ she said, ‘to pray to God so that you wake up when there is pressure for urinating.’  In that way, dearest Mommy instilled the power of prayer in my life, which I could use throughout my life.  She is my mother!

She spent sleepless nights because of me.  My tears and my cry pierced her heart.  She spent all her thoughts and strength tending to me.  I became the apple of her eyes.  At the same time, she need to prepare meal for the whole family as they were busy working to make ends meet.  We were big family then.   With the little energy she gets from the meal, she fed me.  She is my mother!

In the field, she grew vegetables.  When we were young, mother was toiling during the day.  Mother worked through every kind of weather, be it sunny and rainy days.  The vegetables products were sold in the market by her.  The money earned was used to buy clothing and meeting educational expenses for us all.  However, I never heard my mother saying a thing about being tired nor did she complain.  It was an act of love, she never runway from obligations.  She is my mother!

In my younger days, I used to spent time with my friends till late at night for some years.  I know there will be someone who would not sleep till I get home.  In the middle of the night, when I got home, she was there to welcome me.  She reminded me to get home early but never did she scold me.  To which many times, I replied in a light mood, ‘Mom keep praying for that’.  But I never fully understand how much I meant to her.  She is my mother!

She was soft-spoken but was tough when needed.  I did not remember my mother shouting on me.  She did not use harsh words.  With her love she molded me in taking the right steps.  She was true to her words.  Her soft words easily heal my heart.  There are times when I really longed to hear her voice.  She is my mother!

The first time I hear Mommy’s voice trembling was when Daddy left us for eternity.  She was a strong woman who can hold her emotions.  She did not simply show her emotions.  I respect her for deeply loving my father.  They were together everywhere they go and whatever they did.  Many times I thought Daddy must be real happy to have her in his life.  And that she is my mother!

A mother’s love was unique and binding.  She never gave up on her children.  Many times, I saw her on her knees praying for her us.  A praying mother was truly a blessing to have.  When mother told, “I am praying and/or will pray for you”, it always gave me comfort.  She is my mother!

She was encouraging.  She told us to be strong and face the world.  Mother always reminded us that the world and its beauty will fade someday.  Whatever is happening on this earth will not last forever.   The good the bad included.  And I believe I can face the world because of her payer.  She is my mother!

There are more reasons to write about my dearest mother whom I adore and love so much.  Stay blessed Mommy.


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