Fishing with The Bible

a river
Fishing area

That sounds strange. Yes, and it is strange at first.

One evening Dad told we were going for fishing in a river not so far from our village. He told me to help while gathering tools for our fishing trip.

“Are we ready now?”  Dad asked smiling.

“Yes Daddy”

Can you please take your Bible along with you?

“Yes Daddy, but why?” I murmured.

“We might need it if we have a big catch,” he said hurriedly.

We trod down the narrow path in the dark for a while; we reached our target fishing spot in the river bay.  Daddy set up our fishing net and lay the bait.

Now we have to wait for a while.

“Where is your Bible? Read a portion of it.” He gave me the verses and added, “When I come back we will discuss what it wants to say and how far did you get.”

“Okay Dad.”

I lighted up the lantern and started reading. At that time, I just started reading books eagerly.

“We have a big catch,” Daddy says when he come back. “I laid some more bait,” he added.

Now that we are very happy counting our catch, we discussed my reading with great enthusiasm. That night still linger in my ear.  What a lovely and creative Dad I had!

Miss you Dad. See you in Heaven!

The Beatitudes*, part of the Sermon on the Mount was what we read that night.

*Matthew 5:3-11 (The Holy Bible)


4 thoughts on “Fishing with The Bible

  1. One of my favourite Bible Verses “The Beatitudes”…learnt them when i was in my Primary class of Sunday School
    I didnt know that these verses will give me so much console in life…
    Truly, the word of God is Living & Healing….May we be tread deeper in life to see much of His goodness and power..

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  2. For 2016 I gave myself the task to hand write the entire New Testament. I did a little each day, skipped days, often wrote more pages. Took me eleven months. I am glad I did this as I feel much closer to Jesus.


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